Road safety education - An initiative by ea

Ellinogermaniki Agogi School has launched a road safety education for students, teachers and parents. In this context, a simple device is used to demonstrate the concept of reaction time to external signals, visual or audio ones.

To experience real-life conditions taking part in the equitation ensuring road safety, an Arduino board, connected to a pushbutton and a buzzer, are used. It is programmed to trigger at random the buzzer to emit sound, then the user (pupil/teacher) pushes the button as fast as possible to stop it. The program running on the board measures the time difference between the moment the buzzer was triggered and the user pressed the button. This is called reaction time. In humans, on average, it is about 250 milliseconds.

Ardino Button Buzzer

Students using this simple device can study several cases related to reaction time: e.g. if it changes with age or gender, how distraction affects reaction time. A similar device associated with a STEAM protocol is currently being developed for The DexterLab project in collaboration with project partners to bring diverse use and suit national educational programmes.